Sometimes, a child is much simpler than we think they are

A little over a week ago, the girlfriend and I brought Alyssa to a Toys ‘R’ Us warehouse sale to get her some educational toys

After some browsing, we settled on two items – a balancing bike and a big ass drawing board (for Alyssa’s size) with numbers and the alphabet on the opposite side

At hindsight, I think we were more excited than Alyssa. We knew that she loved to draw and assumed that a jumbo drawing board will make her a very happy girl (and be educational at the same time) Both of us were like ‘Alyssa’s gonna be so happy that she be rapping the alphabet song by today evening yo’

As you might also expect from Toys ‘R’ Us, the bill for these two items weren’t exactly cheap, but we didn’t have any issues with it because I was paying for them using my card anything educational for the Alyssa is a-okay with us

So, with two new toys, two happy adults and 1 kid that was by this time sound asleep in her car seat, we brought home the stuffs and waited for Alyssa to wake up so that we could assemble it together

Alyssa was excited when we started to tear out the cellophane tapes, which was exactly what we hoped for. We pulled out the big ass drawing board and poured the remaining parts out of the box, and, damn it, the board was broken and the parts were so old it looked like there was mould on it

At this point of time Alyssa was darting towards the board and reaching out her hand for the markers, but the girlfriend was holding her back and I was packing this crap of a drawing board back into the box and sending it back to Toys ‘R’ Us for an exchange. Hell no am I gonna let me daughter touch something that’s probably older than me. Alyssa looked disappointed and we explained to her that the new drawing board was broken and we needed to change it. To our surprise, she understood us and did not make a big fuss (If I remember correctly we bribed her with some banana after that)

Second day, the girlfriend and I went back to the warehouse sale to exchange the product (Toys ‘R’ Us staff were actually quite helpful in the exchange). Unfortunately, there were no more jumbo drawing boards and we had to pick out other toys instead. So here goes the browsing, again

The girlfriend suggested that we just pick some toys for other friends who had younger babies as there weren’t any suitable items for Alyssa and went searching for stuffs. I carried Alyssa and went browsing around in another direction and suddenly I felt her trying to struggle to go forward. She yelled: Bee bee bee bee bee beeeeeeeeeeeee! (That’s what she said word for word, I’m not kidding you) And there it was, a bee toy with 4 rollers at the bottom. I picked up the toy and asked her whether she wanted it and she said YES!

When the toy was in her hands, she held it up and said BEEEEEEEEEEEEE and looked so happy that a stranger would’ve thought she striked the Damacai jackpot. Looks like the toy had to be hers, so we went to the cashier to pay for it. At the cashier, she wasn’t willing to let go of the toy even though we repeatedly told her it was just for the kakak to scan so that we can pay

The cost of the Bee toy? RM10. Way lesser than what we were willing to pay for the jumbo drawing board

Sometimes we forget children have no concept (albeit how lucky they are) about material goods.

Give them a cardboard box and they could be having the best day of their life drawing on it or hiding inside it. Give them a blueberry and you would’ve been their favourite person in the whole world

A child is way simpler and purer than we give them credit for, and I think sometimes there’s more for us to learn from them than the other way round

Papa love you much, Alyssa 🙂



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