How it came about – My 30 day challenge of one thought a day about anything

Running a business is stressful, that’s the blunt truth.

From high level items such as how to get more sales, how to get more sales, how to get more sales, how to get more sales, how to get more sales, staff management, staff welfare, marketing plans, business plans and strategic collaborations; down to the small things such as a faulty copier machine, toilet leaks, or that damn promotional banner hung outside that’s about to snap because it rained cats and dogs yesterday – these are only a portion of things that are going through my mind on a daily basis. Not taking into account a hyperactive 1 year old that just learned to say no to everything since a few weeks ago

I’ve been thinking, A LOT, and came to the realisation that maybe taking the time to organise my thoughts and penning them down will help me calm my brain down, hone my focus, and achieve some sort of clarity; or even better, stumble upon a genius idea that will make me an overnight millionaire

The entrepreneurial side of me got excited about the idea and said – it’s great! Let’s do this!
The practical side of me thought about the time and effort and said – why not we think about it and maybe start with one thought every two days and start writing during the weekend?

So here I am:

  • Creating a new blog – check
  • Making this challenge public – check
  • Writing this first post – check
  • Creating a new Facebook page – check

Guess the entrepreneurial side of me won. Let’s see whether I’ll fall flat on my face within the next few days or fill this blog with 30 posts in 30 days

Peace out



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