Day 2/30 – Does waking up early really help you be successful?

Rise and shine! We’ve all read about this: What separates YOU from the ultra-rich is that they wake up during ungodly hours and have some sort of ritual that you need to follow to be successful

I think that’s all bullshit

I’ve done it about five years back – waking up at 4.30am so that there are little to no distractions for me to plan, learn, reflect, and exercise. 3 weeks after doing so, I crashed and got really sick for a couple of days. Bummer.

But hey, despite thinking that you have to wake up ultra early to be ultra rich is ridiculous, I do think that waking up a little earlier than the average Joe has its merits. In fact, to come to think of it, a lot of successful people that I personally know wakes up early (but not ridiculously early). It’s not for everyone though, I have a number of friends that know that needs way more than 7 hours nightly sleep; and one staff that needs to sleep an average of 10 hours a day to function properly, maybe that’s why I had to change our office hours to start at 10am

Ever since our 1-year-old was able to walk and mumble words like ‘Daddy do’, ‘Mummy do’, ‘Daddy Draw’, and ‘Mummy Draw’; the wife and I have not been able to get anything else done apart from keeping the little one company every night until her sleep time, which has gone from 9.30pm to 10.30pm since she discovered Netflix (kidding, we don’t let her watch much videos, we’re old school like that). It’s nice to keep her company and see her grow – it’s a true blessing, but I still needed to get my shit done.

Hence, the decision to start waking up 6am daily, since 3 weeks ago

The first couple of days were pretty ok, I guess partly because of the excitement of being able to sit quietly and catch up on things I want to do. The second week was a little bumpy, I kept dozing off when I was reading and afternoons were a little tougher, especially if there were tasks that require a lot of focus.

Coming into the third week, things are starting to look better. I think my body is finally adjusting to the new sleep schedule. I’m writing this post at 6.45am, after reading for 45 minutes. I’m also starting to automatically wake up at 6am and my energy levels during the noon is noticeably better. Hopefully this goes on!

I do not agree that waking up super early will get you very rich, although I do think that waking up slightly earlier than everyone else is good because of a couple of reasons:

1. It gives me a little win in terms of discipline to start the day off with

2. Planning for the day does wonders for my day, I just go into my office and start checking off to-dos rather than thinking of what I need to do next (Well, to be fair, I’ve been doing this for years now, I just had to shift it to the morning because I couldn’t do it during the night)

3. It gives me a chance to sit quietly and read, or let my thoughts wander off to where they need to be

4. Starting the day with a sense of calm is great

What are your thoughts?



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