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Entrepreneur Marketer Strategist Digital Consultant

I have spent more than 10 years exploring and practicing digital marketing – both in my own ventures and for clients spanning across various industries.

I’m a strong believer in digital marketing because every one of my ventures have achieved a certain level of success or sales due to digital marketing.

Currently, my time is divided mostly between running my own eCommerce ventures, providing Digital Marketing Consultation, and ads management services, specializing in Social Media Marketing.

I aim to empower SMEs by helping them get better in digital marketing.

Take Control

Digital Marketing From My Point Of View

Throughout my digital marketing and entrepreneurial journey, I’ve had the fortune of being able to intricately scrutinize many strategies and digital marketing campaigns of various SME owners – some good, some not so.

Because of this, I strongly believe that:

SMEs need to be In Control of their digital marketing

End of the day, you know your customers best, and you care about your business the most

By being in control of your digital marketing and building digital marketing knowledge:

You will be able respond quickly and accurately to what your customers want

You will get clarity of the bottlenecks of your consumer journey

You will know your ROI and be able to make informed decisions about your marketing strategy

This why I am on a mission to help SMEs navigate the digital world efficiently and effectively, either through building their in-house digital marketing capabilities or through impactful Social Media Marketing ads management.

The Range Of

Services we Offer

Social Media

  • Gain clarity of your digital marketing numbers as an SME owner
  • Build up digital marketing capabilities in-house
  • Launch impactful Social Media campaigns

From RM4,500 / month

social media
ads management

  • Social Media ads management and performance optimization
  • Visual and copywriting creation
  • Identify where are the strong and weak points of your consumer journey

From RM3,599 / month

for SMEs

  • Know how to setup ads of all stages of the Facebook funnel
  • Understand how to read and interpret the metrics of your Facebook dashboard
  • Know how to deal with the common challenges that arise

From RM2,000 / pax

& Design

  • Professionally designed & branded website
  • Increase your business credibility with quality content or products
  • Leverage your online presence together with your marketing strategies

From RM5,000


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